Speeding Up Golf With LaserLink

The Laserlink is a handheld device that you aim at a flagstick to get an accurate reading of the distance to the hole. No more searching for sprinkler heads. I had a posting on it earlier.

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, its going to be approved for use in tournaments later this month. It’s already ok for use in handicap rounds.

(Still, I can’t see Tiger using it).

The idea is that it’s going to speed up rounds because players will spend less time wandering about for sprinkler heads.

I never understood the fascination of amateur golfers with distance, though. I can always tell which club I need to use just by eyeballing it. I’m rarely off by too much. But even if I knew that it was 151 to the pin, instead of 145, that really wouldn’t make much difference to me. I can’t hit it exactly 151, and anything in that range is a 7 iron. Some will be a little short of the hole, some a little long, some left, and some right.

Another thing that I think courses could do is to put up a stake on alternating sides of the fairway every 25 yards out to 200 yards. They stakes could be tagged with the yardage, instead of a color.

4 thoughts on “Speeding Up Golf With LaserLink”

  1. To some people – particularly those with about a 9 handicap or lower – those six yards means quite a bit of difference. That’s 18 feet of extra putt, after all. You might try to make a 15-footer, but a 33-footer you’re usually just trying to get to a tap-in or to get lucky.

  2. Legitimate 9 handicappers are not the ones slowing down the rounds. Nor are legitimate 12 handicappers like me.

    The average handicap is 16.1. Only about 20% of all golfers keep a handicap index.

    It’s these people who—wandering about—slow things down.


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