Speeding Up Rounds

Here is an interesting article on how courses can speed up rounds.

A lot of it is on the course

“Courses have more control over pace of play than they think,” said Eric Brey, Ph. D., director at GGA Partners and a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, which partners with the USGA on golfer experience research. “They just have to change their mindset.” To that end, he debunks certain stereotypes, such as the perception that women are slower players: “That’s not actually the case. Men playing from the tips are a bigger problem.” Similarly, walking golfers are often faster than those sharing carts. “The ranger emerges as a more and more important person, and they are not always trained the best,” Brey said. “And the starter! The starter must send groups off on time. If you start five minutes late, you’re already annoyed.”

I note with glee that walkers play faster than cart golfers. I have always known that.

The article also mentions, bit I think does not adequately address the importance of playing from the correct tees. The real log jams are created by players taking a hundred ten shots because they are too macho to move up

Seriously. If you are shooting 100, move up until you can consistently – – and legitimately – – break 90.

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