Spend The Day With Natalie Gulbis

A year or so ago, Nike was running a contest where the grand prize was the opportunity to play a hole with Tiger. One hole.

Big whoops.

RMS McGladrey has a much better thing going. The winner of their “Who’s Behind Your Success?” contest gets to spend an entire day with Natalie Gulbis: a morning workout, nine holes of golf, and then dinner.

To win, you need to write a 220 word essay about the most influential person in your life. Contestants can enter by going to http://www.rsmmcgladrey.com/nataliecontest.

Spend the day with Natalie … now THERE’S a prize.

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4 thoughts on “Spend The Day With Natalie Gulbis”

  1. Not in the least.  I would not joke about the opportunity to spend the day with Natalie.  I may be married, but I do not wear blinders.  I am working on my 200 words right now.


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