Spiked Arnold Palmer

imageAn “Arnold Palmer” is one of my favorite summertime drinks—a refreshing blend of half iced tea and half lemonade. Legend has it that it was invented by the King—thus it’s name—but in any case, he certainly popularized it.

“Spiked” versions of the Arnold Palmer also are popular, such as the “Tom Palmer” (iced tea, lemonade and vodka) and the “Dirty Palmer” (iced tea, lemonade, and rum). A John Daly is an Arnold Palmer with vodka and triple sec. I’ve even seen a version with iced tea and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

It’s probably this latter which has inspired Hornell Brewing to create the “Arnold Palmer Hard” (cue laugh track), which now is available in stores in a number of states. It’s actually a malt beverage, not a mixed drink. In their creation, malt beverages are really like beers, fermented from barley. Brews like this are fermented wheat with flavors added. So this isn’t safe for people with celiac and other grain allergies.

Hornell also offers a “Lite” variant. Both are 5% alcohol.

I haven’t yet tried the Arnold Palmer Hard, but plan to in the near future—just for the sake of a review. I’m not really a fan of those flavored malted beverages.

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