Sporting News Today Has Great Sports Coverage

I was just enjoying the latest online edition of The Sporting News Today and thought I’d pass on a recommendation. With the demise of the daily papers in Detroit and Ann Arbor, TSNT has become the source of my daily sports fix. The online magazine covers all of the major sports, including golf and auto racing. Today’s edition has 37 pages on each of the BCS conferences, coverage of individual baseball and hockey games, college football and basketball, the NBA, the NHL, NASCAR, golf, soccer, boxing; plus stats, fantasy sports data and tips, interviews with players, and more.

The big golf story is about the struggles of last year’s FedEx Cup contenders in this year’s series.

Not a blog, or a website, TSNT is an actual magazine, rendered on the computer screen as a single page image. The Sporting News has done a good job adapting the magazine for the computer screen. It’s wider than it is tall, so an entire page fits on the computer screen—no scrolling. There also are no jumps, so readers don’t have to follow links back and forth. I can read the pages fine on my 20 inch monitor, but if you need to make it bigger, there’s a magnifying glass tool that very quickly blows up any section of the page.

The only downside is you need high bandwidth to download the pages in a reasonable time. You can also download an offline version for reading either as a pdf, or as an executable file that contains its own custom reader. And it’s available for both MAC and PC.

All in all, well done.

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