Springbrook Golf Course Review

Seven at Springbrook is a 242 yard par 4

Springbrook Golf Course Review

Springbrook Golf Club
Boyne City, Michigan
Grade: C-
Teacher’s Comments: Shortish and rough around the edges.

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Springbrook is one of those courses I have found that — while not particularly good — is difficult to criticize, for it does not pretend to be something that it is not. In an area filled with high-end resort courses, Springbrook offers basic golf at a decent price.

Springbrook’s tenth is a 172 yard par 3

Springbrook is routed along the slopes and low areas surrounding a not-insubstantial hill and ridge line. Thus, it has quite a few elevation changes which add interest to the shortish design.

As a side note, course management notes that, due to the south facing nature of the fairways, it is among the first in the area to open in the spring.

Most of the Springbrook is wide open. Tree lines will really only come into play on a couple of holes. Combined with the relatively short yardages, it is a bomber’s paradise.

I played on a damp, surprisingly cool summer morning, so my ball did not get as much roll as I would have hoped. Still, I shot a good score.

Tipping out at 5, 812 yards, Springbrook is one of the few courses for which I will recommend playing it back. There are four — perhaps five — drivable par fours. Two of the three par fives are reachable in two for longer hitters.

Blue11267.55, 812
White11166.35, 583
Red11067.24, 725
The eighth at Springbrook is a 326-yard par 4.

My favorite hole was the par four eighth. Coming in at 326 yards, it has two sets of elevation changes. Starting from an elevated tee, the hole dives down midway through, then rises again to the green. Three bunkers threaten wayward shots. The one behind the green, set on a small rise is particularly treacherous.

Eleven at Springbrook is a 426 yard par five

I will also mention the uphill par five eleventh. It is perhaps the tightest hole on the course, with trees to the left and a hill and prairie grasses running much of the length of the hole on the left.

The hole snakes right, then left, then right again, finally wrapping around a knoll to the green. Tough hole.

A view from the fairway on Springbrook’s par five 11th

Conditions on the day I played were a mixed bag. Greens and tee boxes were in good shape, but the fairways ranged from bare to acceptable to overgrown.

Summer rates as of this writing were $24 walking and $39 with cart. That is a great deal cheaper than many of the surrounding resort courses. If you’re Up North and want to get out for less than $40 (hard to do), Springbrook just might be your course.

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