Springfield Oaks Golf Course Review

Springfield Oaks Golf Course Review
The eighteenth at Springfield Oaks is a 292 yard par 4.

Springfield Oaks Golf Course Review

Springfield Oaks Golf Course
Davisburg, Michigan
Grade: C+
Teachers’ Comments: Very well maintained. Some surprising elevation changes.

One of five courses in the Oakland County (MI) park system Springfield Oaks is is interesting and very well kept. I would rank it as the systems’ second best course, behind Lyon Oaks.

Springfield Oaks is for the most part a straight from tee to green design: a straight shot out from the tee, and a straight shot at the green. It would be a bit boring if not for the elevation changes. Thirteen of the eighteen holes offer one- to two (or more) club adjustments.

Springfield Oaks Golf Course Review
Springfield Oaks satellite view. Click to embiggen.

The front nine at Springfield Oaks is fairly open, with treelines (such as they are), rarely coming into play. This side is a bomber’s dream. The back nine is more wooded, and wayward tee shots will disappear. Precision tee shots are the name of the game here.

From the back tees, Springfield Oaks stretches to 6, 033 yards and plays to a 69.5/128. The middle tees are at 5, 705 and a 68.2/122. From the forward tees, it’s at 4, 911 for a 68.4/119.

Springfield Oaks Golf Course Review
Springfield Oaks’ third is a 398 yard par 4.
Springfield Oaks Golf Course Review
The third at Lyon Oaks

My favorite hole at Springfield Oaks was the par four third. It was a lot of fun.

Measuring 305 yards from the back tees, the hole dives sharply downhill. While the shot looks tight from the tee, it opens up almost immediately.

It is not exactly all clear sailing, however. Midway down, bunkers to the right and left are designed to catch offline tee shots.

At just 305 yards, and downhill, there are a plethora of club options at Springfield Oaks’ third. Mid-iron, mid-iron? Driver-wedge? Long iron, short iron? This is a hole that will let you hit something other than driver off the tee.

Short par fours are lovely designs for all the options they offer. A short par four that is downhill is even more so. A bigger hitter could potentially drive this green. Shorter hitters do not necessarily need to hit a driver, and can play to favorite distances.

Conditions on the day I played were terrific. The fairways were lush and the greens smooth. Even the bunkers were well-tended, which is a rarity on municipal courses. I mentioned the conditions to a passing ranger, who happily told me of the price the groundskeepers had in their work.

It shows.

The Springfield Oaks Golf Course review was first published on January 22, 2019 based on notes and photos from a round played August 15, 2018.

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