Srixon Distance Golf Ball


Srixon Distance Golf Ball

The Srixon Distance Golf Ball is a two piece ball with¬† large “Energetic Gradient Growth Core,”¬† that is firm on the outer layer and progressively becomes softer toward the center of the ball. The structure is designed to more distance, while still offering feel on approach shots. The 432 dimples feature four different sizes. The cover is a durable ionomer.

A double dozen of these is right around $30. That’s a great price.

Since the average golfer hits the ball just 200 yards off the tee, I think there are a lot of players who are playing “tour balls,” who should instead play distance models. More distance translates into shorter irons into the green. That translates to lower scores, regardless of whether the ball “spins” to a halt. I rarely see an amateur put any sort of backspin on a ball anyway.

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