St. Andrews

The Historical and Beautiful St Andrews Golf Course, Scotland

The picturesque town of St Andrews is located in Fife on the east coast of Scotland. Golf has been played here since around 1400 AD which is what makes is a much sought-after destination for professionals and amateur golfers alike. The chance to play on the famous course is an ambition for many a golf-enthusiast and it is busy with players all year round.

Known as the ‘home of golf’, St Andrews regularly plays host to the Open Championship, welcoming many well-known names over the years. During this time, golfing fans flock to the area to try and catch a glimpse of their heroes. For the length of time that this competition is on, they put aside their regular routine of chilling out watching golf on the television, reading novels or playing Partypoker and line-up along the sidelines of the Old Course.

The famous names who have won here include Jack Nicklaus in 1970 and 1978, and Tiger Woods in 2000 and 2005. This is always an exciting time for the town, creating lots of hype and bustle, as well as jobs for locals and students of the university.

St Andrews also plays host to the annual Dunhill Links Championship. This sees celebrity amateurs team up with professional golfers to compete in the famous tournament. During this time, the town comes alive with bustle and celebrity spotting opportunities. You may be walking down the street in the evening and bump into Hugh Grant or Samuel L. Jackson having a stroll.

The weather in St Andrews is unpredictable at the best of times, and can prove difficult for the payers. However, this is seen as one of the endearing challenges that golfers face when playing here, and is considered worth it when the beautiful surroundings are considered.


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