St. Andrews Offers Golf Scholarship

St. Andrews University in Scotland is offering a new golf scholarship to “promising young golfers from minority communities in America to apply for a free place, with African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans targeted.”

Called the New Links Scholarship, it was created by Dr. Kenny Wood, a St. Andrews astronomer who has worked in the US.

Considering that the Scots have had trouble winning the Open, I’m surprised that they’re opening things up to Americans.

Still, what a dream that would be to a young golf lover.

1 thought on “St. Andrews Offers Golf Scholarship”

  1. Sweet.  I am going to get my 2 year old started on golf so she can go to St Andrews.  As a person of Scotch ancestry, my wife is 1/8 Choktaw, so I am hoping my daughter who is 6% Choktaw will count as Native American (plus the 50% Scotch-American must count for something).

    Unfortunately our family castle is nothing more than a pile of rocks in a field now.  We lost our lands around 1550—so does that scholarship cover housing too?


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