Stance Performance Tab Socks Review

Stance Performance Tab Socks Review

Stance Performance Tab Socks
Grade: B
Teacher’s Comments: Fine for everyday wear, but I have problems with them sliding down my heel when playing.

Stance recently sent a large selection of socks for review. It has been too warm to test the calf length ones on the course (there’s no way I’m wearing calf length socks in shorts), but I have given the Tab Socks a workout.

The tabs are well constructed, comfortable and fine for everyday wear. However, I found that when walking my rounds of golf, they had an annoying tendency to slide down in the heel area.

These are not the first low cut socks I’ve had this issue with, so it may just be that my feet are shaped funny (which would not surprise me one bit). Or it could be that the golf shoes I have encourage too much movement along the heel.

There may be something to that last thought. I have worn them throughout the day in my street sneakers, and have had no problem with sliding. On the course, however, the Stance Performance tabs slide.

As Mars Blackmon said “It’s gotta be the shoes.”

A selection of Stance socks sent for review.

All that aside, the Stance Tabs are quite comfortable as everyday wear on errands or around the house for chores. I like the cushioning, and the woven in arch support.

The Stance socks are made from a blend of 66% nylon, 25% polyester, 6% combed cotton and 3% elastine. They also have an antimicrobial finish with moisture wicking for moisture and odor control. The seamless toe ends prevent rubbing there.

These are good enough to stay in my drawer (and even bump out some lesser footwear), but I’m going to stick to ankle length socks for my rounds of golf.

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