Star of the Show

The biggest actor in the USGA’s annual US Open Show was not Retief, or Phil, or Ernie. Nor was it Tiger with his struggles, or DD with his return.

No, the star of the show — as usual — was the course itself. And that’s the way the USGA wants it.

Shinnecock Hills was a tough a course as the USGA could make it. On Sunday, all of the talk was about who would survive. Even par was declared to be a winning score. The course brought several of the world’s best to their collective knees.

And it wouldn’t be a US Open without a controversy about a hole. This year it was the par-3 7th on Saturday. A slick green made it nearly unplayable.

Saturday night, the USGA admitted that the green had “accidentally” been rolled. Now, I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist, but in this case I’ll make an exception. I think the USGA does it deliberately. Its their way of thumbing their noses at the PGA and its players.

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