Stellar Golf Photography From Makoto Uchida


I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a press photo pass at the US Senior Open because I wanted to get photos of everything BUT the players: crowds, people watching, standing in concession lines, landscapes, etc. The USGA assured me that their photographers would get all the photos I needed and that I could use as many as I liked from their photo lightbox. But, just as I suspected, what their photographers produced was pretty much all the same: player swinging, player swinging, player swinging, player swinging. I knew that’s what would happen because every guy I saw with a lens was taking the same photo from the same angle (just different players on different holes). I’m surprised that the USGA doesn’t want more “atmosphere” photos for their archives. I’d have a guy wandering about with a camera with orders to shoot everything but players swinging.

Japanese photographer Makato Uchida takes the photos I’d like to take. He’s got a great blog with shots here. Some are of the “player swinging” variety, but others show a much better photographer’s eye.

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