Steroids In Baseball and Golf

The recent Mitchell report on the rampant use of steroids and human growth hormone in baseball has got me wondering about the extent of such things in golf. While the PGA Tour plans to start testing this next year, my guess is that it they won’t find anything. That’s because, as the Mitchell report says, steroid use is down and the largely undetectable HGH now is the tool of choice. Golfers aren’t dumb. If they’re going to use a performance-enhancing drug, they’ll use something on the cutting edge.

At the same time, I wonder if the public really cares. Fans have known with a certainty for years that baseball’s top stars were juiced. And yet the clubs keep setting attendance records. I haven’t talked to single person who is really outraged by the steroids report. Would the reaction be the same if it was found that golf’s top players were on HGH? I’d like to think people would be upset, but I’m not sure.

Any thoughts? Are you outraged by the baseball steroid scandal? Would finding out that Tiger is juiced change your opinion of him?

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