Steve Williams On Way Out As Tiger’s Caddy

Steve Williams is on the way out as Tiger’s caddy.

Just kidding. But only half.

In a recent interview, Williams said that Greg Norman was as good a player as Tiger Woods:

“In my eyes, Greg was certainly as good a player as Tiger.”

Of course, Williams also notes that Norman didn’t have the mental toughness of Woods.

Still, Tiger has in the past ditched both friends and employees for talking about him. I wonder what he thinks about being compared to The Shark.

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1 thought on “Steve Williams On Way Out As Tiger’s Caddy”

  1. Considering Greg Norman had a chance to win the British Open this year despite being over 50 and not practicing or playing regularly, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be compared to him.  Sure those final round crashes plague him, but he did win a bunch of times in his career.

    And if Tiger does ditch friends who talk about him, what’s he going to do with Michael Jordan after Jordan talked about him during the Ryder Cup?


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