Steven Alexander Luxury Golf Shoes Review

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Steven Alexander Golf Shoes

Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: Beautiful to look at; wonderful to wear.

I have had a pair of Steven Alexander golf shoes in my possession for several months, but have only just now managed to get out on the course to try them out. It is not that I had forgotten about them, or that there was something out-of-sorts. The Steven Alexanders are simply the most beautiful golf shoes I have ever seen and I did not want to muddy them up with all the rain we’ve had this spring and early summer. I have friends who suggested that I not wear them at all, but instead mount them on the wall at GolfBlogger World Headquarters (seriously).

However, the weather finally cleared, the mud dried up, and I took my fabulous shoes to the course.

They feel as good as they look.

I suppose that is to be expected. Steven Alexander shoes are, after all, hand-crafted Italian made from premium calf leathers. The manufacturer, Italian shoe master Mr. Raimondi, also produces products for D&G, Prada and Versace.

Just to be clear. These are leather, hand cut and sewn, not machine tooled, cut and glued. That makes a world of difference in feel and durability.

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The shoe’s interior comfort comes from the light, padded leather interior. My feet just sink into the cushions. The toe box has just room enough and the overall fit is true to size.

Of course, if you have unusually shaped feet, you could try the bespoke option that Steven Alexander offers. Steven Alexander’s shoe makers will visit your home or office, create a wooden last specifically designed for your feet, and then build a shoe around it.

Most, however, will be perfectly fine with the options available through their “configurator”, which not only allows sizing options, but also color choices.

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The leather and rubber soles were initially stiff, but I found that like any fine pair of dress shoes, they quickly began to fit my foot and movement. The folk at Steven Alexander will have to forgive me for this, but one of the nice things about premium leather shoes is that they eventually fit like a pair of old blue jeans.

Standing in marked contrast to the current trend of flat footed, low-to-the-ground shoes, these have the more classic heels and high insteps. In that, they’re much more like the shoes that everyone wore ten or fifteen years ago. Golfers of a certain age will find that they are quite familiar.

The shoe’s exterior is amazingly beautiful. I got a red, white and blue pair that—while entirely out of character for me (I tend to wear boring white or black monotones)—has to be seen to be believed. I’ve not seen as fine a gloss polish since Mrs. GolfBlogger left the Air Force (I used to polish her uniform shoes by heating the wax before application).

The detailing is just as nice. The laces are red, white and blue, and the stitching that holds the uppers to the soles has red accents. The entire effect is flawless and draws admiration from everyone who sees them.

Steven Alexander has a large variety of colors and styles available is the one shown is not to your liking. There are basic black and brown, some really nice two color saddle styles, and a wonderful brown and canvas model. You also can design your own.

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The attention to detail even shoes up in the box. They were carefully wrapped in soft fabric, tied with a ribbon and placed in the box which was itself tied by a ribbon. Class all the way.

Can shoes be considered an heirloom? If so, these are.

Highly recommended.

Check out their Facebook page and the video below:


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