Stevie Williams Reveals Tiger’s Strategy

I said a couple of days ago that Woody’s withdrawal from the Tour was nothing more than a PR stunt, and caddie Steve Williams now seems to confirm it:

“When he gets back to the tour and people will have seen that has made an honest attempt to get back with his family, I think that’s important, I think they will heal a lot people’s…or change a lot of people’s perspective of it. Tiger is human. We all make mistakes in life.”

Read between the lines on that quote. He’ll make a token effort, claim that Elin didn’t want to work with him after one mistake and then be back in time for the Masters.

14 thoughts on “Stevie Williams Reveals Tiger’s Strategy”

  1. I think Steve needs to keep his trap shut.  He is in enough trouble already with Elin, he doesn’t want to say anything to either make it worse for the marriage, or for Tiger’s PR.  Best to keep it shut.  Doesn’t he have a boat he can go out on for a couple months as well?

  2. LOL – that “One mistake” was a whopper.

    Elin will also claim she laid out a plan but Tiger would not come to terms with it. She will lay claim the high ground (under the circumstances, not a difficult achievement) and hold to the reality that he could not prove to her he had changed. Of course, she set him up for failure by demanding he quit golf, so it kinda was predictable.

    I may be wrong, but I am starting to wonder if we should not be concerned with Tiger’s health. Recent stories about his having a Canadian doctor (we all know what they are like and one in particular is famous for helping Ben Johnson – another incredibly fast rise and fall in sports)have me wondering what may have been and what might be going on in his head. Hopefully, this guy can call on a friend he can trust who will steer him away from the strippers and skanks and towards a new start. Tough job, but that’s what friends are for.

  3. I volunteer to be Tiger’s Major Domo. I’ll work for a very reasonable $250,000 a year, with a five year guaranteed contract. During that time, I can personally guarantee that there will be no more bimbo eruptions.

  4. Once Elin is gone, I am not sure why he would need to steer away from the strippers and skanks (aren’t strippers normally skanks?).  Appearantly Rachel Uchitel is his soul mate, so maybe he can settle with just her.  She is near to Privacy right now anyway (although that may soon be sailing to Northen Europe).

    I don’t know if anyone could have an impact on Tiger.  MJ isn’t likely to give out any good advice, he just wants a playboy friend.  Earl is gone.  His other friends were going right along with him already.  Unless someone like Nicklaus or Palmer could mentor him, but he probably wouldn’t even heed their advice either as he is above them in his mind. 

    He already has close to a billion.  Nobody can reign him in.  Maybe losing his kids will have an impact – but probably not.  For years he has been living on the edge of losing his family and he appears to only have increased the amount of his stupidity. 

    We have been speculating that it might be his family that keeps him just playing majors and a limited schedule in the coming years –  but now I wonder if it will be a harem of women and endless parties that kills any will he has to play anything other than majors, if even that.

  5. Blogger, I don’t think your wife is going to let you go for that job, even for 10x the money. 

    and it was Tiger that was erupting, not the bimbos.

  6. I can control a room full of hormonally charged teenagers with ease. Surely I can control one hormonally charged golfer, however self absorbed.

    The key: unlike everyone else in his life, I know how to say “NO” and mean it.

  7. I agree that Steve Williams needs to keep his mouth shut. He should have learned after his words about Mickelson.

    I don’t think any of these women is Tiger’s soul mate. They might think that but only because he’s a proven, highly skilled liar. If the Rachel chick thinks she’s going to be his only one, she’s not too bright. Leopards/Tigers don’t change their spots/stripes. They can’t even get a separate, secret, cell phone and talk in code.

    I don’t see anything wrong with Elin ‘demanding’ that Tiger quit golf. She needs to get one of those underground dog fences and make him wear a collar. If he’s going to try to fix the marriage, then he has to be where she and the kids are to do it. 

    I hadn’t heard that Tiger has a Canadian doctor. I hope this isn’t one of those things where you go to several different doctors to get drugs. But he’s got a reputation for being tight with money – maybe he just wanted to pay less for his prescriptions like millions of other Americans do.

  8. HGH. Look at pics from 2000. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we hear about Coke, too. Maybe not much. But, just maybe. I hear lots of NHL guys do it. These girls don’t keep secrets.

    With morals like Woody has shown, nothing would surprise me. That might be ahead of us.

    Bonds. Clements. McGuire. All top high performance athletes. All denied it. All surprised us.

  9. Is the Canadian doctor the same doctor of his today that is now under investigation for trafficing growth hormones?  There was some story on Foxnews today on a doctor of Tiger’s who was being investigated.  I don’t think any investigation of Tiger though (yet). 

    I put in a message a few days back – I wonder if Tiger has ever got the random drug screen.  And I wonder if he has even got the annual drug screen.

  10. Tiger had at least 2 tests. Both negative. As far as I know, there is no definitive test for HGH, because it is a natural-occurring substance. Very difficult to be certain about. Requires many tests over time. Newer science may be more exacting. HGH does have side effects…

    Same Doctor. Story here…

    What may be really nuclear, is if IMG are involved…putting Tiger in the hands of this quack who may have been chosen to move along a slow Tiger recovery from surgery. Tiger wins majors, everybody wins. This is all so sick.

    What if Tiger was just a pawn in all this, pushed by an industry, the beast with an insatiable appetite that had to be fed and fed…? What pushed his recovery, could have changed his personality. Just throwing it out there…


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