Sticks: A Golfer’s Tale Book Review

Sticks: A Golfers’ Tale Book Review

Sticks – A Golfer’s Tale

Grade: C
Teacher’s Comments: Good story, poor writing.

Walt Sautter’s novel, “Sticks: A Golfers’ Tale,” is a self-published effort, so you won’t find it in the stores. But Sautter makes an unusual offer. He’ll send you the book for free. If you like it, you should pay him and keep it. If not, you should send it back. You can’t get a better deal than that.

Sautter bills “Sticks” as the “ultimate golf fantasy.” In it, a hack golfer named Bob Andrews does what so many of us do: he tries to “buy a game” with a new set of expensive clubs. Unfortunately, the new clubs don’t perform any better than the old ones and Bob is frustrated and humiliated to the point where he gives up the game. But then, Bob acquires an old, beat up set with magical properties …

It’s a good story, and would even make a good made-for-tv movie. But unfortunately, Sautter’s writing skills do not do the story justice. Without rubbing it in, I think you could classify it as a good effort for a college freshman.

I’d actually like to see Sautter hawk “Sticks” as a story idea to the studios. I think a good screen writer could do a lot with it.

9 thoughts on “Sticks: A Golfer’s Tale Book Review”

  1. I agree. The book contained double printed pages and was a so-so story. I didn’t finish it and returned it the same day.

  2. I must reply to the review of my book “Sticks- A Golfer’s Tale” by the Golf Blogger.
    He sorely criticizes my writing skills as that of a college freshmen, this my someone who failed to even get my name right?
    It’s Walt Sautter, not William Sautter.
    Evidently, your reading skills are poorer than that of a college freshmen!

    WALT Sautter

  3. WOW. Sensitive, aren’t we.

    The “where’s your novel” argument is a straw dog. I do not need to play violin to know that my kid is horrible. Nor do I need to be able to paint to make a judgment about whether a canvas is well done. In any case, I have certainly read enough books to be able to make a judgment about one.

    But in my case, I have professional qualifications. I have a degree in journalism, and have worked as a reporter, editor, speechwriter and ghost writer for a nationally syndicated columnist. I have made a full time living with my writing.  (And before you try the “yeah, but what are you doing now” fallacy, I voluntarily went into teaching for a change of pace). Currently, I make a very good part time living writing this blog. In any case, I know good writing when I see it.

    Yours is not.

    Get over it. Grow up. Learn to take criticism without resorting to childish logical fallacies.

    My first editor gave me this pearl of wisdom:

    “Criticism is the acknowledgment that you can do better.”

    If I thought you were hopeless, I would simply have thrown the book in the trash and not reviewed it. As it is, I thought you had good ideas, poorly executed.

  4. Dear Mr. Golf Blogger (since you don’t give your name)

    I kind of think “logical fallacies” should read “illogical fallacies”. Isn’t logic based on fact and fallacy on falsehood?

    Additionally, if you think I’m sensitive, look at the response I got from you?

    Also, I taught in high school and college for forty years (chem and physics). If you respond to the replies of your students as vehemently as you have to mine, I can assure you, your teaching career will be short and unpleasant.

    Walt (After all this correspondence I feel that I am on a first name basis with you.)

    I’ve had more fun with this than I had writing the book!!

  5. No. Logical is correct.

    A fallacy is a misconception. So a logical fallacy is a misconception about logic.

    I can tell you didn’t teach English.

    I’ve been teaching 17 years. I call it like I see it, and no one has ever complained.

  6. Dear Mr. Golf
    (As I said before, I feel we’re on first name basis now)

    Since you seem to enjoy my work, may a suggest that you go to my website and review my latest endeavor.
    It is not about golf but you may like critiquing it anyway. It is an irreverent play in five acts which I think in pretty funny.
    Of course I would, I wrote it!
    It is at
    The title: The Divine Comedy MMIX

    Hope you like it. (Like it better than Sticks anyway!)



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