Stonehedge North Review

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Stonehedge North
Augusta, Michigan
Grade: A-
Teacher’s Comments: A fine course well worth return visits.

Stonehedge North is the newest of the five Gull lake View Resort courses. It is more open, less spacious and perhaps less scenic than the others, but still a great deal of fun.

Of Gull Lake View’s quintet, Stonehedge North was the last I played. I was expecting another walk in the hilly woods and was thus a little disappointed when the front nine didn’t match the template. Stonehedge North’s front nine is relatively open and flat. Further, the holes don’t have the same feeling of isolation that I enjoyed on the other tracks.

The back nine becomes somewhat more hilly and wooded, but never to the level of its older sister courses. It is also correspondingly more difficult than the front nine.

This is not to say that I did not enjoy the course. I really did. Upon reflection, I realize that had I played this course first, I would be raving about it rather than tingeing my words with slight disappointment. This is a course that is a cut above most.

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In a somewhat unusual layout, the holes at Stonehedge North are perfectly balanced. Each nine has three par 5s, three par 4s and three par 3s. I liked the extra par fives, since I typically score pretty well on those. Not so on the par threes, but in my round, I also had not one, but TWO chip-ins on the par threes for birdie (on four and eight). I also took a quadruple bogey when I tin cupped the par three eleventh, which called for a shot over a lake to a narrow green against a hillside.

I think golfers of all skill levels will appreciate not only the balanced sides, but the variety of holes at Stonehedge North. There are some on grassy prairie, a couple with close-lying trees and a few that use water as a strategic element. Most are relatively flat, or gently rolling, but significant elevation changes also are there. Everyone is going to have a couple of favorite holes—and those are not likely to be the same.

For the most part, the greens at Stonehedge North are quite large, and golfers will do well by playing slightly short and letting the ball release. Bunkers have nice strategic placement around the greens and in likely fairway locations.

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Stonehedge North stretches to 6,673 yards at the back, with rating of 71.8/127. From the middle tees, it shortens to 5,785 and a 67.6/117. Course designers were Charles and Jon Scott.

As is usual, I’ll caution bogey golfers to keep it on the fun side by playing it forward.

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Conditions at Stonehedge North on the end-of-season day I visited were very good. As with all the Gull Lake View courses I’ve visited, it is clear that management takes good care of all its properties.

Rates are fairly reasonable, given the quality of the course. Greens fees on weekdays are $39, and $44 on weekends. You can play all day for $50 and $57.

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As with all the Gull Lake View courses, I am anxious to return.

This review has been sponsored by Sweetwoods Park Golf Club in Kent.

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