Stonehouse Golf Desk Caddie Review


Stonehouse Golf Desk Caddie

Grade A
Teacher’s Comments: Every golfer needs one of these for his watches, cuff-links, bracelets and such.

Stonehouse Golf specializes in high quality, panoramic photographs of many of the world’s greatest golf courses.. As you might expect, their flagship products are museum quality giclee prints in a variety of framed and unframed sizes.

In addition to the prints, Stonehouse offers a several other products featuring their photographs: calendars, humidors and desk caddies. You can get the caddie personalized with a photo from any of the 594 available prints.

The desk caddie that I received is decorated with a photo from The Colonial, the iconic Fort Worth course that I was fortunate enough to play at the Crowne Plaza Invitational Pro-Am. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, with a glossy mahogany finish.

Inside, the base of the humidor is finished with a black velvety material.. Measuring 12x7x3, it is seems to me to be just the right size. Mine sits on my nightstand. It is perfect for keeping track of the things I reload with each morning.

The deck caddie is priced at $65, and I think would make an outstanding gift virtually any golfer.


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