Stress Tests and EKGs

I’d been feeling light-headed for a couple of weeks, and last Friday, Mrs. Golfblogger, the nurse, finally put her foot down. She made a doctor’s appointment and ordered me to attend (she’s also a retired Air Force Captain, so she knows how to give orders). I went in expecting the physician to find I had an inner ear infection or vertigo, or something that required big pills. Instead, after poking about and peering in my ears, nose and throat with a lighted instrument, she put me on an ekg.

Now that’s a scary moment.

Good news. I wasn’t having a heart attack. But what they found was a strange little blip—a rabbit ear, as the doctor described it. On the graph it looks like little upward blip just before the big one. It’s almost like my heart has a little stutter.

“Nothing to worry about,” she (the doctor) said.

Then she immediately went about making me worry by referring me for a stress test. That’s where they hook you up to a bunch of wires, put you on a treadmill and make you run like a rat on a wheel.

Or maybe not so much. When I made the appointment (for later this morning), the clerk said that I should wear comfortable clothing for fast walking.

Fast walking. I can do that. Just like walking and getting a round in under three hours—something I do all the time.

Mrs. Golfblogger suggested that I might feel better if I wore a pair of golf pants, my favorite golf shirt and a pair of cleats.

I just might do that.

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1 thought on “Stress Tests and EKGs”

  1. When I visited my late doctor’s office with one complaint or another, he always told me I wasn’t playing enough golf.

    Good Luck.


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