Stricker Leads At Cog Hill

Steve Stricker continues his improbable renaissance by pulling into a one shot lead after three rounds of the Western Open BMW Championship.


Sticker is— without a doubt—the best story in golf over the last couple of years. Without a tour card in 2005, he came charging back two years ago on sponsors exemptions to win $2 million. This year, with card in hand, Stricker has been remarkable. He’s held the Sunday lead—or a share of it—at the US Open, The Open Championship, The AT&T National, and the Wachovia. He also has a victory at the Barclays, the FedEx Cup opening round.

Now, after having already won one of four FedEx Cup events, Stricker is poised to win a second. If he wins the Western, either Tiger or Phil apparently would have to win the final event outright to catch him.

I’d love to see Stricker collect the $10 million check fill out the paperwork for the delayed annuity (doesnt’ quite have the same victorious ring, does it?).

So—like millions of other golf fans—while I’m watching the first weekend of NFL games on the television (and worrying about my fantasy team), I’ll be thinking about Stricker on the course at Cog Hill.  wink

3 thoughts on “Stricker Leads At Cog Hill”

  1. What are you missing this afternoon? Not much…more Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. If he does this, wow, how did he do that, what if so&so;does this, will Tiger be able to do that, Tiger did this yesterday, Tigers short game is so good, Tigers distance control is amazing, Tiger likes this course, he did such and such last year. On and On and On and On.

    Thank heaven for the LPGA.

  2. I’m tired of all your complaining about Tiger.  Sour, jealous grapes.  It’s a pleasure and unique opportunity to watch the greatest athlete of his sport ever to grace the fairways.  You can have Phil and Sergio’s whines and excuses.  Phil’s latest is typical.  He pulls out of Chicago because Finchem wouldn’t peanalize Tiger for skipping Westchester.  Forget all this “family values” nonsense.  And he calls Johnny Miller during the telecast, near the end, to say he just turned it on?  The more I see and hear of this whiner and complainer, the more I dislike him.  Philly Boy may be talented but he has no where near the class of Tiger, Ernie and other big names who let their games do the talking and show only respect for their fellow golfers.  So Phil “spanked” Tiger in Boston???  Does anyone really believe that?  Guess we’ll see what happens in Atlanta.


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