Subaru Badge of Ownership


Subaru’s got a neat thing going with its Badge of Ownership program. Free to Subaru owners, these are little stick-on medallions that brag about the number of Subaru’s you’ve owned, and how you use them. They’ve got medallions for lots of different things, such as photography (I like that one), snow sports and biking (Mrs. GolfBlogger wants those), family, outdoor sports, mechanical, rally, performance, gardening, environment, love, diversity and mileage (100K, 200K).


Golf is the reason I bought the Subaru. It’s the only car I could find in its size/class where I could put several bags sideways in the back.

Now, I have since then learned to love my Scooby. Navigating the wintry, snowy, icy roads in Michigan is a piece of cake with its all wheel drive and low center of gravity boxer engine. And I also think it probably saved me from great bodily injury when I was hit by a drunk driver. I wouldn’t trade it for any other car (ok. I’d trade it for a newer model. But that’s it).

But no golf badge? C’mon Subaru. Lets get one going.

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