Summer’s End

It’s a sad day here at Golfblogger World Headquarters: Summer now is officially over.

In truth, autumn has been creeping up on us for some time now. The days of playing until nine in the evening have been gone for weeks. The air is a little cooler, and I played a round in long pants last week. In another few days, I’ll unpack my cooler weather gear: flannel lined khakis, fleece vest, thicker golf gloves and wool hat.

There still are some good days of golf left this fall, but all too soon in Michigan, the snow will fly. Then I will clean my clubs one last time, and put them in the shed until a thaw.


3 thoughts on “Summer’s End”

  1. Same problem up here in Washington State. Not so much the snow as the rain and cold.

    The funny golf quotes on might cheer you up. I found this site yesterday and think it’s fun.


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