Super Stroke Fatso Putter Grip

Super Stroke Fatso Putter Grip

I’ve seen quite a few of these on the course recently.

The theory is that the larger grip should take the wrist out of the putting stroke. A stroke with an active or hinged wrist can result in the ball going off line at impact.

Another potential benefit of the larger grip is the relief of tension. A large grip prevents a player from holding the club so tightly that the forearms, shoulders and body become tense. Tension is the enemy of the golf swing, whether it be a putting stroke or driver.

As far as I remember, KJ Choi was the first big name player to bring the fat putter grip to the tour. Others, including Phil Mickelson, have experimented with them, too. I’ve got a notion that, as the belly putter is phased out, we’ll see players of the long stick switch to fat grips.

I’m thinking about experimenting with a Super Stroke Fatso myself. I’ve got a spare putter that needs a new grip …


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