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imageSwag Golf Shirt

Update: Swag Golf is now Volo Golf.

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Comfortable

A couple of summers ago, we were at the National Zoo, where there was a fascinating exhibit in the Panda area on the many uses of bamboo. Bamboo, strangely enough, is a grass, and has an amazing range of uses—from food to building materials, tools, medicine, perfume and … clothing.

The material used in Swag Golf’s shirts is bamboo charcoal—burnt fibres that are woven into fabric. Among the more amazing properties of this cloth: it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static and self deodorizing. Swag golf also claims that it promote increased metabolism and circulation, but I have no idea how.

What I do know is that the fabric is amazingly soft, comfortable and cool. Although it’s a natural fibre, it has the silky feel of one of those new high tech fabric shirts.

The shirts construction seems solid. The collar doesn’t roll and the placket lays flat. It’s true to size, and hangs nicely.

The only thing that keeps me from giving a wholehearted endorsement to this shirt is the chest logo: a plaid albatross. Its a little on the large side, and although I think its cute, I’m sure that there those out there who won’t appreciate it.

Actually, there are two logos, but the second is interestingly hidden inside the collar, and reveals itself only when turned up.

A final note: Swag Golf donates 2% of sales to The First Tee of San Francisco. A good cause.

The Swag Golf shirt is good stuff. I’d like to have a couple more.





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