Swiftwick Socks Review

Swiftwick Socks Review
Swiftwick Socks. From left: Performance One, Pursuit One, Maxus One.

Swiftwick Socks Review

Swiftwick Socks
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: You can’t go wrong with any of the three models.

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I am a dedicated walker, both on and off the golf course. My walking regimen consists of three or more rounds a week in season, and on off days — or in the winter — a daily three to four miles either in the neighborhood or at my gym’s track.  Throw in the fact that I’m a teacher who spends much of his day on his feet, and it adds up to a lot of ground pounding. Socks and shoes therefore are very important to me. I am quite picky.

When Swiftwick sent samples of their new line of Performance, Pursuit and Maxus socks, I was eager to try them out.

As the name suggests, Swiftwick claims bragging rights as the sock that wicks sweat better than any other. The socks are made in the US from sustainable fibers, including Swiftwick‘s signature olefin fiber and American merino wool. All three models have held up well both on the course and off. They have kept my feet dry and blister free. All have sufficient cushioning for a hike around the golf course and seem quite durable.

Swiftwick Socks Review
Swiftwick Pursuit One

My favorite of the three was the Pursuit One (immediately above, and at center top), which is made from 66% Merino Wool, 28% nylon and 6% Spandex.  It may seem counterintuitive, but wool is a great fiber for summer weather. Set aside any notions of scratchy, itchy socks your grandmother knitted for you for Christmas. The new merino blends are soft and itch free.

Even better: merino wool has natural moisture wicking properties which will keep your feet dry and cool. Along with this are the fiber’s antibacterial properties, which help to keep your dogs from smelling like a dog.

For me, the Pursuit One was the perfect blend of cushioning and feel. That doesn’t mean the others are bad, though, so read on.

Swiftwick Socks Review
Swiftwick Performance One Sock

The Performance One (immediately above and top left) is 80% nylon and 14% spandex. It has an interesting weave that Swiftwick says manages compression. The lightest of the three models, it still has sufficient cushioning and support for walking the course. I am less convinced that I would wear these while pounding concrete. The Performance One does a good job of keeping the feet free from sweat and thus is quite comfortable. If you are looking for a light sock that still keeps you blister free this is the one for you.

Swiftwick Socks Review
Swiftwick Maxus One

Finally, the Maxus One (immediately above and top right) is 62% Polyester, 24% Nylon, 12% Olefin and 2% Spandex.  The Maxus One has has the thickest footbed of the three, and would be great for those who need some extra cushioning.  and has a “Linked Toe” technology to eliminate toe seam irritation and help reduce blisters.

The Swiftwick Socks Review was first published October 25, 2018. Socks were sent by Swiftwick for review.

Each of the socks come in no show (Zero), ankle length (One) and quarter crew (Two) models. I prefer the angle length (One) because it offers a bit of padding between the heel/achilles area and the shoe’s collar.

Still no matter what your preferences, I think that Swiftwick offers a great golf sock.

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