The Swing Boss Review

The Swing Boss
On Amazon: Swing Boss Golf Swing Trainer
Grade: C

Teacher’s Comments: Works as advertised, but I don’t know how long it will last.

The Swing Boss is a simple little golf training device designed to help the duffer figure out where the ball connects with the clubface. The Swing Boss consists of balls with velcro attached, and velcro pad to stick to a clubface. When the club is swing at the ball, it attaches itself to the pad, indicating the impact point. The kit also comes with a mat for hitting indoors and a set of rubber tees.

The device does what it claims, and for that, gets kudos. I have a couple of reservations, however.

First, I am not sure how well it will hold up. The velcro attachment to the plastic ball seems tenuous, and if you take the velcro face pad off and on a few times, it will lose its tack.

Second, I think that there are perhaps better ways of discerning face contact point. Impact tape, for example can be purchased rather cheaply and works very well. I have also seen some sprays that do the same thing.

The one advantage The Swing Boss does have over the other two is that you can use it indoors. The ball doesn’t go flying when you strike it.

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