Swingstik Golf Swing Trainer

The Swingstik is another weighted golf club. How many of these are there on the market? Hundreds? Each one claims to be better. Of course.

2 thoughts on “Swingstik Golf Swing Trainer”

  1. Swinsgtik’s whole approach is about being READY to golf. The exercises, particularly stretching and warming up, are what make the difference. Many of the heavier products out there actually cause MORE INJURIES because they don’t inform the user WHY and HOW to exercise correctly. Many also have a club head- why? There’s no need to swing a weighted club at a ball- that’s not how you are going to golf is it?

  2. Check out Barb Mucha, LPGA pro. She has been re-habing from problems last year, and started using the Swingstik in February. Her overall driving average is up over 10 yards, and her last tournament was up 35 yards from last year!!


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