Synchron Revolver Irons

Discount online golf manufacturer GigaGolf offers a set of irons called the Synchron Revolver. The Revolvers have a notched cavity design that moves weight to where it’s needed most—on the perimeter to straighten your shots. GigaGolf says that the thin face generates high launch speeds and more distance. They’re cast in 431 stainless steel.

As with all GigaGolf products, you can customize your set online, choosing shafts, grips, club length and lie adjustments. And of course, the best thing is that these clubs are relatively inexpensive. You’re not likely to find a lower priced set with steel clubheads (you will notice that the cheaper department store clubs often are made with aluminum or some other alloy. That’s why they break at the hosel and have a horrible feel).

While you may be leery of buying clubs from an online firm, GigaGolf is confident that you will like their products: they offer a 30 day playabilty guarantee.

Synchron Revolver

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