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I find that I have tablet envy these days. My friends have them. My friends’ kids have them. My students have them. I, on the other hand, am working off my years-old Blackberry.

I haven’t made a move on this for two reasons. First, the things are expensive enough that I’m not sure if I’ll get enough use to justify the expense. And second, I’m not sure what eco-system to invest in. iPads are all the rage, but the Android tablets seem to have the advantage of price, connectivity options and … Flash. I can’t imagine how the web works without Flash these days.

I recently received a press release on The Galaxy note which seems interesting to this former Palm user. It’s got a stylus. I liked the stylus on my Palm very much and it seems to me that being able to write on the tablet would be nice.

Anyone out there have advice for me on tablets? Experience with Android vs iPad? I’m mostly interested in its applications for mobile blogging, reading my Google Reader feeds, reading books and magazines and doing other small tasks on the go. Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Tablet Envy”

  1. I’ve been a big android fan for a while now. We picked up the Nexus 7 last year and it’s a fantastic “media consumption” device. Google reader, twitter, reading emails and even watching netflix have been wonderful on it. As far as “authoring” content I’d stay with short emails and tweets. Typing on the device isn’t horrible by any means but I’m not going to write the latest article on 3 Up’s blog using it…give me a keyboard!

    Of course, this all is based on the assumption the kids aren’t using it and I can actually get my hands on it. smile


  2. I used to carry a tablet and a smartphone.  Nowadays, I just carry the Galaxy Note phone.  If you liked Palm (as I did), the Note phone is just about a half inch taller as the Palm III, just as wide, and much thinner.  Since its a phone that you are always carry with you, I feel like its a worthwhile investment.  You can easily have mobile blogging, e-reading, and newsfeeds with this phone.


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