The Golf Season Ends In Michigan

After an extended fall, where I played golf as late as December 4, winter has … Read more.

What Is A Fade In Golf?

What is a fade in golf? A fade is a shot that starts to the … Read more.

What Is A Hook In Golf?

What is a hook in golf? A hook is a shot with a severe right … Read more.

Twilight Golf On Halloween

I got out on Halloween to play a quick nine after work. With temperatures in … Read more.

You Can’t Frighten Me I Play Golf T Shirt

You Can’t Frighten Me, I Play Golf T Shirt I don’t fear death, but I … Read more.

What Is The Definition of Par In Golf?

Par is the term for the number of strokes that an accomplished golfer should require … Read more.

Bonsai With Golf Ball

Bonsai With Golf Ball. Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week

Health Benefits of Golf: Play More, Live Longer

Regular golfers live five years longer than non-golfers, and playing golf helps prevent 40 major chronic … Read more.

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