Golf Tracer Gone Wrong

Penske offers this video on what happens when a player badly misses a shot and … Read more.

Rabbit In A Kilt

The Green Oaks Weather Rock

The Green Oaks Weather Rock: More Accurate than any weatherman who ever lived.

SketchShe Goes Golfing

SketchShe is a trio of comedians famous for their in-vehicle lip syncs. In this one, … Read more.

Kids Explain Golf Terms

Too cute.

US Open – Hollywood Mash-Up Posters

  Direct Golf, the folk that brought you the Golf Iron Throne, now have a … Read more.

Tiger Meet My Sister Now Out In Paperback

Rick Reilly’s funny collection of essays, Tiger Meet My Sister And Other Things I Probably … Read more.

Golf Fail: Golfer Hits Self With Own Ball

With a swing that bad, it’s not surprising he figured out a way to hit … Read more.

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