Will Rogers On Golf

American humorist Will Rogers (1879 – 1935) is a cousin of mine, through a great … Read more.

Dufnering Is Golf’s New Meme

Poor Jason Dufner. He was caught with a camera phone absolutely not enjoying himself at … Read more.

The Goosinator: Canada Geese’s natural enemy

Is there a golfer who doesn’t hate Canada Geese? Numerous beyond reckoning, the flocks of … Read more.

Cuddling With Snakes

It’s the year of the snake, and this feller has decided to cuddle up to … Read more.

Golf Cart Tarp Pull

“Up North” at the lake, pulling kids in a large inner tube behind a powerboat … Read more.

Easter Eggs

Golf Joke – The Lost City

Through a long and arduous dig in the Amazon rain forest, a team of archaeologists … Read more.

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