Stalked By The Hawk At Washtenaw

Along the 14th and 15th at Washtenaw Golf Club there lives a family of hawks. Today, I was startled by one as it appeared from behind a tree near my ball

Washtenaw Golf Club Hosting GAM Junior Kickoff

For the second consecutive year Washtenaw Golf Club, the third oldest golf course in Michigan, will host the GAM Junior Kickoff Championship

Playing It Forward At Washtenaw Golf Club

In recent weeks, Washtenaw Golf Club has added new forward teeing grounds, which shorten it by some 700 yards for those players.

Golfer Mistaken For Umbrella Repairman In 1899

Golf apparently was a bit of a novelty in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1899 — the year the Washtenaw Golf Club was founded.

May Photos From Washtenaw Golf Club

With May coming to a close, I thought I’d share a few photos I have taken at Washtenaw Golf Club.

Earliest Reference To The Washtenaw Golf Club – 1899

While doing some research on the early history of the Washtenaw Golf Club, I ran across a reference in the August 7, 1899 Detroit Freep

In The Mail: GolfLogix Green and Yardage Book

In The Mail: GolfLogix Green and Yardage Book Update: Read the GolfLogix Green Book Review … Read more.

Washtenaw Golf Club Live

Michigan Golf Live — a radio show hosted by my friend-in-golf Bill Hobson — will feature Washtenaw Golf Club on the Saturday, May 16.

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