TAG Heuer Tiger Woods Watch


TAG Heuer Men’s Tiger Woods Professional Golf Watch #WAE1113.FT6004

I don’t wear a watch, but I’d make an exception for this one. It’s got a titanium case, a “scratch-resistant” sapphire crystal dial window and a “sweatproof” band.

At $941, though, I’m going to have to take a pass.

But if anyone wants to get one for your favorite GolfBlogger, it’d be accepted with gratitude.

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2 thoughts on “TAG Heuer Tiger Woods Watch”

  1. It’s a beauty.  Isn’t it a little cheap though for Tiger Woods?

    I wore Seiko Flight Chronographs for almost 20 years, but as I had one which was going through batteries at a 18 month pace, I sent it in for repair and refurbishment and in the meantime started wearing a Casio G-Shock Atomic and Solar watch, and I love it.  Resyncs at least a few times a week to the Naval Observatory, and the Solar should keep the battery charged essentially for years continuously.  The G-Shock case and band are very sturdy, and would seem to protect the watch, and the sweat washes easily from the band (aluminum/titanium band I think)


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