Tai Chi Meets Golf

imageMany years ago when I was working as a substitute teacher, one of my assignments was to cover a high school Tai Chi class for a couple of days. I knew nothing of Tai Chi, of course, but was assured that didn’t make any difference. I watched the class for two days as the kids themselves led classmates through the motions.

It was one of the few times when I have learned something from my students. To this day, I can still do a couple of the moves.

For those out of the loop, Tai Chi is a martial art that involves slow motion routines. It’s been called moving meditation, and is reputed to have many physical and mental health benefits.

In Arkansas, Tai Chi and Golf Instructors have teamed up to offer combines Tai Chi and Golf.

One area where the Tai Chi methods could improve one’s golf game is on the drive, according to Bergman. By relaxing one’s mind and living in the moment, one can obtain a mind-body connection that can be used to release an exuberant amount of power, he said.

Many golfers concentrate too much on the ball and not enough on the natural motion of a circular swing, Johnson said. Taking the concentration off of the ball, and removing the anxiety that comes before a shot, can help improve power and accuracy, he said.

This sentiment of simplicity is also shared in Tai Chi, Bergman explained.

“Tai Chi is based on complete simplicity,” he said. “We’re always doing too much. We are always fighting our action muscles.”

The fluid motions and peaceful state of mind offered in Tai Chi training can eliminate the tension that hinders golfers, he said.

I’ve found Yoga for Golfers to be useful when I can remember to do it, so I don’t see why Tai Chi wouldn’t help.

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