Tartan Golf Grips

The LA Daily News has a short article on the founder ofTartan Golf Grips, a new company which makes—- golf grips in tartan designs, of course.

Nice idea.

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1 thought on “Tartan Golf Grips”

  1. Unfortunately, my family tartan is fairly hard to get.  We are part of the Stewarts, so that is really easy to get.

    I think this would just depress me though.  My dad, uncle, and I played in a charity scramble at a scottish festival, and our fourth was a friend of my dad’s who was one of the headline acts for the festival, and is actually Scottish.  This guy was wearing a marvelous kilt, which was the Scottish Modern blue Tartan, with a “X” across the back (It matched his Callaway X clubs and bag).  He looked fantastic.  That day I decided I really wanted to wear a kilt at least in scrambles, until I found out that his was probably around a thousand bucks.  You can’t get a kilt for under about 400-500!  So I don’t want anything tartan to remind me that I can’t afford to wear a kilt when I play.


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