Tasty Golf Tees


Tasty Golf Tees

Ridiculous Golf Item of the Week

Normally, the Ridiculous Item of the Week prize goes without commentary, but this one deserves special treatment. The Tasty Golf Tee is a FLAVORED golf tee. It comes in cherry, grape, strawberry and mint flavors.

The idea, apparently, is that when you stick the tee in your month, you get a tasty flavor, rather than ordinary wood.

But that ignores the fact that the tee likely has been stuck in the ground—or at least touched the ground—at some point, and that you are now absorbing all of those fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. And even if it’s a virgin tee, you still are chewing on a piece of wood.

This may be the ridiculous item of the year.

6 thoughts on “Tasty Golf Tees”

  1. Gotta disagree with ya on this one, Golf Blogger. This is a brilliant product…at least for those of us with an oral fixation (me). You do have a point bout the fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides. When I posted (glowingly) on this product a couple of days ago, I got several comments and emails that refered to that issue. The manufacturer would probably be wise to put a something on the package like,  “warning: golf courses can contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals. it is not recommended to chew tasty tees after they have been in contact with the ground.”  As for chewing on a piece of wood, personally, I love chewing on wood. :o)

  2. Golf Blogger,

    We wouldn’t recommend that you put ANYTHING in your mouth after it as made contact with the ground.

    Our packaging clearly states that these tees are to be enjoyed BEFORE you tee off with them. Once they’ve been in the ground, please grab a fresh one. That’s why they come in packs of 20.
    We do have to address the lowest common denominator out there, and in our early focus groups we determined that yes, we would have to clearly state on the package that they are not edible, nor should you put in mouth after there is dirt on them.
    It’s the same reason the Clorox bottle has to tell you not to drink it. It’s there because some genius actually drank some.

    We came up with the concept after witnessing many people walking around with tees in their mouths.  They’re great to pop in and suck on while waiting to tee off, while putting, or even to have in the car while driving to curb snacking or smoking.

    For the record, Tasty Golf Tees are the ONLY tees that are left UNCOATED (even the ‘natural’ wood tees on the market have a poly coat), they are then STERILIZED and then FLAVORED in an FDA approved facility right here in the good ‘ol USA.

    Try a bag, and we’ll make a believer out of you! People love ‘em!!

    Thanks for putting us up on your site!


  3. I ordered some of these and they’re really good. The flavor is good – strawberry is the best flavor of them all. Cool concept…i always hold a tee in my mouth. When will they have cognac flavor? LOL


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