TaylorMade R15 430 Driver

TaylorMade Men’s R15 430 Driver

TaylorMade’s latest design features not one, but two sliding weights. Sliding the weights to the perimeter will improve forgiveness. Positioning one toward the toe and the other near center encourages a fade. Toward the heel and center creates draw bias. Together, the sliding weights should provide enough adjustments to satisfy nearly anyone.

There’s also an adjustable hosel.

The overall design aim is to create a driver with less spin and higher launch. TaylorMade says they can do that my keeping the center of gravity forward, as with the most recent iterations of their “R” line.

This one is supposed to produce 100 RPM less spin, with a lauch 0.7-degrees higher than the SLDR.

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1 thought on “TaylorMade R15 430 Driver”

  1. So I was thinking, boy they sure skip around on the driver numbering.

    R5 series
    R7 series
    R9 series
    R11 series
    R1 series
    R15 series.

    Then it occurred to me.  When they got to R11, the next series would be R13.  Who the heck would buy a driver with “13” in the name?  So they dropped the second digit and it just became R1.
    Then they came out with SLDR to throw us off the number scheme, and well it had a slider innovation.

    And now they’re back with the R15. 

    All that said, and here’s the important thing… Don’t be a chump and buy this thing before May, because that $400 price tag will be $299 or $249 within 4 months… just in case you haven’t been paying attention with TaylorMade’s prices.


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