TaylorMade R5 XL Line?

I was in Dick’s Sporting Goods today looking for a TaylorMade glove (no luck), but found something more interesting: a line of clubs called the TaylorMade R5 XL.

Did I miss this in the past somehow, or is this a new line? I can’t find them on the TaylorMade site either in the “new” section or in the “vintage clubs” section.

The drivers, fairways and hybrids look a lot like the R7 line, sans movable weights. There also was a set of R5 XL irons, which looked somewhat like the R7XD irons that I like so much.


An executive at TaylorMade tells me that the R5 XL line is made by TaylorMade exclusively for Dick’s Sporting Goods in the US. The design is TaylorMade, the quality is TaylorMade. These are NOT knockoffs.

Here’s a link to the webpage at Dick’s with the irons:

TaylorMade r5 XL Irons – Dick’s Exclusive

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  1. Sorry you couldn’t find a TaylorMade glove at Dicks.  I was looking at the ones I’ve purchased their and the new new TM React pro and the only two differences I really see is the Pro has a spandex slit at the kncukles, while the Dicks version has TaylorMade embroidered across the coolmax.  As for the R5 XL line, that is probably a TM exclusive made especially for Dicks.  A few years ago they had the TaylorMade LCG line at Dicks, which looked exactly like the 200 Series.  I still have the LCG 3 wood and it finds its way into my bag from time-to-time.  Do they play like their regular TM counterparts?  No, but they’re not made to…still, I have found them to be very solid clubs at a reasonable price.

  2. Yeah, I saw those too at Dicks, trying to some research now, but I came up empty too.

    IMHO, they look very cheap.  even w/ the name, I dont think i’d like that in my bag

  3. I have seen the XL line here too in Japan but honestly I think they’re knock offs, I really don’t know?  Alot of stuff here comes from China and you know what there into, “the black market”
    They look legit but there are only gonna be some extremely minor flaws or differences in them if they are.  I have no way of knowing.  They are ranging between 18,000 yen and 23,500 yen and with the yen rate that knocks atleast 20 to 30 American dollars off the price.  I’ve never seen them in any pro shops or any of the golf distribution stores here except for this one.  But, the main reason I’m leary about buying one is because in this same store 90% of the putters are knock offs and it is diffinatley noticable.  I don’t know if I’m right or not but that’s what’s come to my attention.  Until I hear or see otherwise I think I’ll stray away.

  4. hey, yea i looked into those also. and they are only at dicks right now but i called some proshops to find out about them an they released them early to dicks and every where else should be getting them in. i went ahead and bought one and i absolutley loveeee it!! how much is dicks selling them for?

  5. They are an exclusive line made by Taylor made for Golf Town stores here in Canada at least. There are almost identical to the Os Rac series sans tungsten weights.

  6. i tryed them out in the store, i didnt no if i liked the big head so much compared to my regualr r5, it was tougher to square and also it decresed my club head speed from 108 to 98.  They were only $200, too.  I was in there just grabbing a glove and tees and I saw this and needed to try it.  I am afraid to go purchase them since they aren’t even on TaylorMades website.  Also, I only get my clubs at golf galaxy because they don’t have knock offs in the store and the people selling there no what there talking about.  Besides that, they clubs felt great, just don’t know how they will preform.

  7. I have it direct from an executive at TaylorMade that the clubs at Dicks are TaylorMade clubs made exclusively for Dick’s. The design is TaylorMade, the quality is TaylorMade. These are not knockoffs.

    My guess is that with Dick’s volume, they were able to persuade TaylorMade to offer them an exclusive product line.

  8. Hehe Guys, some of you were right, the R5 XL is an exclusive TM brand for about 5 kind of stores in US, CAN, Japan and that’s about it. I just bought these few weeks ago, and went through a 88 strokes games average to a 83 strokes games average so, It worked for me, i had few good clubs before these clubs, but if you look for a good Quality vs Price, it’s a fucking great deal

  9. Been playing for 7 months and handicap is currently 19. Had a set of R5 xd’s and were hitting them sweetly, until recently when I left 3 clubs at the range like an idiot. Went to the local pro shop and compared the RAC OS irons with R5 XL’s in the nets. Really had my heart set on the RAC’s but after hitting the XL’s I left with a set. XL’s just feel far better and more forgiving without sacrificing distance, but the proof is in the… ummm golf course?? Will keep you informed once I have played a round..

  10. Hi Guys, As promised I played a round this weekend and shot 37 points with 91 strokes on a 19 handicap. Clubs worked better than expected and I really liked the feel of them. Would suggest any mid to high handicap to give them a bash and at the price they are selling really worth the money…

  11. I’ve become interested in the R5 XL line because I usually look for deals while still sticking w/ top-tier brands.  I’ll probably give the driver and hybrid from the R5 XL line a try.  It’s pretty evident that they are a slightly lower-end line similar to what Nike has done w/ the NDS line (though not through an exclusive dealer) and Cleaveland did with the OS line.  If you remember Taylor Made has done this before with the R540 XD Irons which were VERY similar to the RAC CB and sold throuth Sports Authority (as was the Cleveland OS series). 

    Being a fairly obscure model and also fairly new I was suprised to find several of the drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids on eBay at very inexpensive prices (around $100 for the driver, $50 – $65 for the hybrid and fairway). 

    I’ll probably give the Driver a try and maybe replace my adams 430Q and the hybrid to replace my Rescue Mid (which i’ve never cared for).  Should go nicely w/ the R7 st 16* fairway wood I just got.  I’ll probably pick up a Rescue TP headcover because the R5 XL headcovers are one place they’ve obviously cut costs.

  12. Say What do you guys feel are the top 5 Golf Brands..?
    And about how much it would cost for a full set of Clubs, and bag..?

    I’m a fairly new player to the game… but, have enjoyed it thourouly (sp.) and I am thinking of investing and Upgrading..!

  13. If you’re just getting started, then you don’t want one of the top five brands. They’re too expensive. Click on the GigaGolf ad at the top of this page and get one of their sets. They’re good quality (better than sets found in department stores by far) and pretty cheap.

  14. These clubs are also available at JJB Sports in the UK. Although the advertising on TV is a bit funny since they show the same clips from an ad selling a maxfli driver.

  15. i bought a set of r5 xl irons from dicks about a month ago. So far i love them, i’m no great golfer but i’ve been playing on and off since i was 8 years old (i’m 34 now) after a recent motorcycle accident i decided to take up golf again. Last weekend i shot 86 (par is 71). These clubs may not suit the single digit handicappers out there, but for the rest of us they are fine. I’m sure these clubs will serve me well for a couple of years………unless i get real good!

  16. just recently ive really been getting into the taylormade equipment but finding it rather expensive. i was just in my local sports shop jjb sports (in england) and i saw the r5 xl.. its weird its highly rated in there and it appears on the golf channel uk numerous times with justin rose advitising for the r5xl range how ever its not on the taylormade website and i cant seem to fing it any where else other than jjb sports and Americas Dicks sport . whats with it??

  17. I bought these clubs about a month ago and I love them. The balance is good, and they are very forgiving. I would reccomend them to any mid level Sunday Golder like me

  18. I bought a set of R5XL last week at Dick’s.  The set I bought came with a 3 and 4 hybrid.  I went in to buy the Taylor Made RAC but when I saw the R5 for the same price with the hybrids, I asked the employee in the golf section about them.  He advised me that they are very similar to the RAC and that the RAC had been out on the market for several years so the R5’s were newer technology.  I ended up getting the R5’s, getting the 2 hybrids with the set is what sold me on them.  The cost of the hybrids seperately is close to what I payed for the whole set.  When I tried to register them with Taylor Made they did not show up on the site.  I e-mailed them and this is the response I got.

    Thanks for the email.

    For the R5 XL irons, you can refer them as the Rac OS under the registration list.

    Our R5 XL irons were a limited edition iron that was specially made for some of our larger accounts. Here are the specs on these irons:

    R5XL Irons

    Extremely large and deep cavity with massive weight moved to the club head perimeter with high MOI for great forgiveness on off-center hits

    Wide sole for low center of gravity to promote easier to hit in the air

    Clean attractive design includes ID badge in the cavity that looks great from all angels that increased confidence

    Choice of light-weight steel or graphite shafts that promotes increased swing speed to add distance

  19. I also just bought a TM R5XL last week here in Singapore . I am middle handicaper and currently using Mizuno MX19 with Graphite R-shaft. I feel this TMR5XL is damn forgiving and fell in love with it. Base on the set I just bought from the golfshop here,it says with Japanese brochure. I was thinking this was made for Japanese market.

  20. hey i have those r5 XL irons and also the fairway woods. They seem to work pretty good. I have also been looking for them everywhere and dicks was the only place that had them.

  21. I bought the R5 XL here in Singapore and love it. It’s very forgiving and it comes with a jap labelling. I checked put the jap TM website and Kapow! It’s there but so sad I can’t read japanese.


  23. I bought a lady set for my finace on Oct 2008 from a shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. They tried to clear 2006 items. The set comes with 7-SW for $200 graphite shaft with Japanese brochure and warranty. I guess this model was not market widely because of marketing reason. In U.S., TM launched R5 in 2005. In 2006, there came R7-425 and R7-460 driver. The line came with RAC R7XD iron. There is no market position for R5XL in year 2006 which in fact this set was supposed to come out in 2005. R5XL and R7XD are so look alike in my opinion. I think it is a good bargain.

  24. These clubs are available here in Sydney at “On Course for $89 AUD per graphite iron.  They tend to be sold by the piece here.  The fairway clubs are a bit more.

  25. I purchased these TM R5 XL Irons at Dicks in July 2008. I loved the feel after hitting them. After 5 years of being a 9-10 handicap in my golf league, last year I was down to a 5 handicap after a full year with these R5 irons under my belt. They have a solid feel, large sweet spot and are very forgiving. I actually purchased TM R7 Irons this year, used them for 3 weeks and sold them and went back to the R5 irons. There was no comparison as the R5’s were so much better. I also get about 5-8 yards more distance with these R5 irons per club. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are not cheap and they have held up excellent over the past two years. The only cheap thing is the price. I do not know if Dicks still sell’s them or not.

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