TaylorMade R7 Steel Fairway Wood


TaylorMade is adding to its amazingly successful line of adjustable weight woods with the R7 Steel and R7 Ti fairway woods.

The R7 steel is a more compact, traditionally shaped fairway wood. Adjusting the weights allow the user to develop either a neutral shot, or a draw. TaylorMade says that shifting the weights can create a movement of up to 15 yards.

The R7 Ti offers a larger, more forgiving clubhead. As with the R7 Steel, players can shift the weights to create either a neutral, or right to left ball flight. 

The r7 Steel is available in Tour Strong 3-wood (13°), 3-wood (15°), 4-wood (16.5°), 5-wood (18°) and 7-wood (21°) at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $300 per club with graphite shaft, $270 per club with steel shaft. The r7 Ti is available in 3-wood (15°), 5-wood (18°) and 7-wood (21°). for $400. Both will go on sale in April 2006.

TaylorMade now says that it has something for everyone in its moveable weight technology line:

“The r7 TP is engineered with a smaller head and a higher CG, features that are typically favored by skilled players like tour pros,” said Todd Beach, TaylorMade’s director of metal wood development. “We wanted to make Movable Weight Technology available in fairway woods that are easier to hit, which is why we created the r7 Steel and r7 Ti. The r7 Steel is similar in size to the r7 TP but features a precision-positioned CG and shallower clubface that combine to make it easier to launch on a high, long-carrying ball flight. Likewise the r7 Ti also features a low and deep CG that makes it easy to launch high and long, plus its larger size adds forgiveness, making it even easier to hit than the r7 Ti. Now there’s a model of r7 fairway wood for every type of player that wants to take advantage of the distance and accuracy made possible by TaylorMade’s Movable Weight Technology.”

I had a terrific opportunity to play with the R7 TP fairway wood this last summer and will attest to the ease of play and sitance offered by that club. I can only imagine that the new clubs—especially the Ti, with its larger head—offer even more forgiveness.

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  1. hi everyone do you know where to buy the taylormade r7 draw 3 wood from on the internet and if you could find a good site that really cheap


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