TaylorMade Sells Maxfli To Dick’s Sporting Goods

An interesting turn of events: TaylorMade has sold its Maxfli brand name to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

TaylorMade will retain the Noodle name, and all the patents.

This isn’t the first partnership between Dicks’ and TaylorMade. TaylorMade also has designed and manufactured irons, hybrids and drivers exclusively for Dick’s under the R7 XL name.

You also can expect to see the Maxfli show up more prominently in Golf Galaxy stores; Dick’s owns those, too.

1 thought on “TaylorMade Sells Maxfli To Dick’s Sporting Goods”

  1. Probably a good time to do this.  TaylorMade dumped John Daly, and for the past couple years have built much of the non-Noodle Maxfli balls around him.  (PowerMax, Fire, Tour Fire).  Instead of changing those lines, Dicks might do well to sponsor Daly at this point, he is completely without sponsors and would probably do it for some clubs and a supply of balls.  (Although his slamming the balls last year probably didn’t help him with TaylorMade/Maxfli).


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