TecTecTec GPS Golf Watch Review

TecTecTec GPS Golf Watch Review
TecTecTec GPS Golf Watch Review

TecTecTec GPS Golf Watch Review

TecTecTec! ULT-G GPS Golf Watch
Grade: A
Teachers’s Comments: A good, relatively inexpensive GPS Golf Watch

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TecTecTec! seems to be carving out a niche for itself with relatively inexpensive, well-made golf gadgets. I previously reviewed the TecTecTec Laser Rangefinder Ult-X and thought it was a solid unit. I think the same thing about the TecTecTec Ult-G Golf Watch

The TecTecTec! Ult-G does its basic job efficiently. It gives distance to the front, center and back of the greens. Distance to hazards is accessible with the pressing of a button. The TecTecTec! Ult-G automatically recognizes the course you are playing and progresses accurately from hole to hole.

TecTecTec GPS Golf Watch Review
TecTecTec! Ult-G Watch Advertisment

Yardages are spot-on with the (much) more expensive Garmin that I own. The big difference is that while the TecTecTec gives only yardages, the Garmin has a color screen that shows the hole shape. If all you need is basic distances (and if its a familiar course, that absolutely is all you need), then the TecTecTec! is perfect.

The TecTecTec! Ult-G activates with a push of the clearly labeled satellite button on the upper left. I have found that it’s a little slow to lock on, so I hit the button as I’m heading to the clubhouse.

Once the watch finds the satellites, a list of nearby courses appears. The one I want has always been at the top of the list. Press the middle right button (select) and you’re good to go.

TecTecTec GPS Golf Watch Review
TecTecTec! Ult-G in box

During the round, you can track shot distance by pressing the satellite button at the ball’s starting location. The TecTecTec! Ult-G then tracks the distance from that spot.

Battery life is about two and a half rounds. I have played two full rounds on one charge, and the battery meter at the end seemed to indicate that I had at least another nine holes left in the tank.

As with most of the smart watches I have used, the TecTecTec! Ult-G watch uses a proprietary charging cable. This one is a spring loaded clamp that latches onto the charging contacts. Two pins align with small holes in the watch body to ensure that the clamp is properly secured.

TecTecTec GPS Golf Watch Review
TecTecTec! Ult-G GPS Watch and Charger

The TecTecTec! Ult-G is lightweight, at just under two ounces (54 grams). It also is modestly sized for such a bit of gadgetry: 16.85 mm deep and 44.5 mm wide.

I have found the GPS watch to be barely noticeable while playing.

TecTecTec GPS Golf Watch Review
TecTecTec! Ult-G Side View

The TecTecTec! Ult-G has 38,000 built-in courses, and unlike some devices, does not require a subscription. Updates are handled through a free phone app, and a bluetooth connection.

My biggest criticism of the watch is that there does not seem to be any way to check the time while in GPS mode. That’s a major oversight, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t see how it could be hard to make the time pop up when a button — or combination of buttons — is pushed. It could even be added to the menu button — that’s an extra step for the user, but wouldn’t be too bad.

Perhaps there is a way for TecTecTec! to update the software through the bluetooth connection software that they use to update the courses.

Another concern is the band. I really wish that manufacturers would use a standard band configuration. My Garmin smart watch, for example can accommodate a standard band.

These, however, are minor complaints. The TecTecTec! Ult-G handles its primary function: giving yardages with aplomb.

The price point of the TecTecTec! Ult-G is a very reasonable $119.99 as of this writing.


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