TecTecTec Ult-X Laser Rangefinder Review

TecTecTec Ult-X Laser Rangefinder Review
TecTecTec ULT-X Laser Rangefinder Review

TecTecTec Ult-X Laser Rangefinder Review

TecTecTec Ult-X Laser Rangefinder
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Quickly finds the flagstick; long range; nifty height function

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TecTecTec’s Ult-X Laser Rangefinder succeeds very well at its most important task: locking onto a target and quickly giving a yardage.

In testing laser rangefinders over the years, I have run into a significant number that fail that most primordial of tasks. Those devices always made me think of that old meme: You had one job

I didn’t even bother to do reviews of those units. Life is to short to write reviews of bad products.

The Ult-X from TecTecTec, on the other hand, handles that one job superbly. Even from hundreds of yards away to a green encircled by trees, the Ult-X locked onto the target and very quickly gave a reading.

TecTecTec says that its “Target Lock Technology” can catch flags at up to 450 yards and hazards at up to 1,000 yards. I don’t have any thousand yard holes, but I was able to lock on to a flagstick target on par fives at ranges of over 250 yards.

The device vibrates slightly when it is locked in.

That’s really all that’s required, isn’t it.

TecTecTec Ult-X Laser Rangefinder Review

A neat feature of the TecTecTec Ult-X is that it can offer distances based on the slope to the hole, adding and subtracting yards as necessary.

The adjusted distance is shown across from the triangulation symbol.

The slope distances work fairly well. At the very least it is a reminder that you are faced with a situation that requires a club adjustment. I do think, however, that the downhill distances are less telling than the uphill. On one particular downhill par three, the rangefinder distance suggested a two-club distance. I know better. It’s a one-club change.

My suggestion is to accept the reminder and then do your own mental calculations, based on the situation at hand.

Rangefinders that test slope are illegal in tournament play, so TecTecTec has devised a clever solution.

When the rangefinder is functioning as a tournament legal device, it looks as it does in the photo below:

TecTecTec Ult-X Laser Rangefinder Review
TecTecTec Ult-X in normal mode.

However, to activate the slope function, you pull out the front part of the Ult-X to reveal the yellow band.

TecTecTec Ult-X Laser Rangefinder Review
TecTecTec Ult-X in Slope Mode.

In this way, all of the competitors know what mode is being used with the TecTecTec Ult-X.

The TecTecTec Ult-X is said to be waterproof and moisture resistant, but in the weather we’ve had since I’ve been testing it, all I have seen is freezing cold. Any moisture would have quickly turned to snow.

Finally, the TecTecTec Ult-X comes with a case, and a two year warranty. In addition, there’s a 100 day money back guarantee. That should inspire come confidence.


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