Teen Killed In Joyride On Golf Course Tractor


The 18-year-old was killed when an unofficial “stag grad party” by the Tor Hill Golf Course northeast of the city went badly awry. The accident occurred shortly after 3 a.m. Friday after the teen entered a fenced storage compound and got onto a small, four-wheel, utility tractor.

“He started the tractor and was trying to get out of the fenced compound, and was killed while he was on the tractor,” RCMP spokeswoman Carole Raymond said. At this point, no one is saying how the teen started the tractor—ordinarily used by maintenance staff to carry tools and equipment around the golf course—or if the key was left inside.

“We know the (John Deere) Gator drove towards the fence, and the fence was damaged and came back onto the tractor, causing the death,” said Raymond.

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