Teeter Hangup Inversion Table Review




Teeter Hangup Inversion Table

Grade: A?

Teacher’s Comments: This is well-designed, well-built product.

I think that at some level it is impossible to review a product like the Teeter Hangup.

One the one hand, I have not had any of my intermittent, but debilitating back issues since I started using it. On the other, given the periodic and unpredictable nature of the pains, it is entirely possible that I would have had no issues even without the Teeter. So it is a dilemma of the sort presented by the question of the chicken or the egg.

I do believe, however that the Teeter Hangup has improved my posture. I sincerely feel as though I am standing and sitting taller since I started using the Teeter. That’s a really good thing, since I spend so much time sitting and pouring over a keyboard and monitor. Hunched is no good. One of the first things my first golf instructor said to me was to “stand tall to the ball.”

When using the Teeter, I can definitely feel my back, leg and neck muscles being gently stretched. Since every golf instructor I’ve ever seen says that stretching is necessary for a free and natural swing, I think that in the long run, this could really improve your game.

Your own mileage may vary, however. Everyone’s body is going to react differently to different therapies. Also, you should checking with your doctor before trying it.

What is not up for debate is that the Teeter is extremely well constructed—quite heavy, in fact. It swings freely, and is easy to pivot from upright to inverted. It is also very stable, with an A-Frame structure. This is a high quality product that with care, should last a lifetime.

The design is well-thought-out, with a foot lock that adjusts to your height, ensuring that the inversion table is properly balanced. It also came with an adjustable lumbar support and acupressure nodes.

My eldest son, the natural-born engineer who has a design criticism of nearly everything, thinks the Teeter is well done. That’s about the highest compliment I can give.


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