Ten PGA Tour Predictions For 2012

imageSince everyone else is doing it, I thought I’d throw in my predictions for 2012. Some are actual predictions; some just wishes. I’ll leave you to figure out which is which.

1. Fred Couples wins the Masters. And why not? His back apparently is in as good a shape as it’s been in ages, the belly putter is working, and I doubt there’s another serious contender who knows the course as well as he.

2. Luke Donald wins his first Major at the US Open. There’s been a lot of talk about Jim Furyk having a great chance at Olympic because of his irons play. But is there anyone better right now than Donald?

3. Sergio Garcia wins the Open Championship. His game seems to be back on track, and he’s due. I also think this is the Major he was born to win.

4. Dustin Johnson wins the PGA Championship. He’s due.

5. Tiger contends in three of the four Majors. He ends the season with a single PGA Tour regular season victory, but not a Major.

6. For just the third season in his career, Phil Mickelson will be without a Tour victory. I say this for the same reason I think Tiger will struggle to just one win: the young talent out there right now is dominating. The only thing the younger guys have left to do is to “learn to win.” That lesson, they’re learning fast. There were 20 wins by players on their twenties on tour last year. I expect to see that again.

7. Following up on that thought, the PGA Tour season will be dominated by the current crop of “Young Guns”: Webb Simpson, Dustin Johnson, Keegan Bradley, Hunter Mahan, Jason Day, Nick Watney, Matt Kuchar (not so young), and Bubba Watson. That’s not much of a prediction, though.

8. The US wins the Ryder Cup.

9. Tim Finchem announces his retirement.

10. The PGA Tour and LPGA merge operations, but not overall management. This move allows the LPGA to maintain its independence, while saving millions on the day to day operations side. The PGA Tour has done a similar thing with the Canadian Tour—loaning it money while providing operational help with development and sponsorship.

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6 thoughts on “Ten PGA Tour Predictions For 2012”

  1. Wow #1!  I will take this more as fantasy wishing right there.  And I am with you.  Also as a wish but with a little more realism and prediction to it, Rory wins Masters. 

    Speaking of Rory, you don’t mention him in #7, yet he is on the tour this year.  Rory will get at least a couple wins this year – both could be majors. 

    Sergio and Luke Donald – no.

    Adam Scott wins a major.

    I agree with Tiger in contention in 3 majors, probably misses a cut in a 4th, Sunday contention in the masters – fails to win a single major.  He will win probably twice or more.  They won’t be stinkers either – I would expect a WGC, the Players, and/or Memorial. 

    I would more expect Phil to win the Masters than go winless for the year.  I don’t think his win will be at the masters, but it will be somewhere before July, I am thinking perhaps Bay Hill.  He will settle on the belly putter.

    Jason Day will win, so will Rickie. 

    Speaking of Rickie – 75% of the Golf Boys will win this year.  80% of the Golf Boys will win if they pick up a 5th member.  Hopefully the follow up musical hit will be in time for the Masters.

  2. I had forgotten that Rory was going to play in the US this year.

    I think Tiger’s biggest challenge to winning won’t be his skills, but the other players in the field. That goes back to the new crop of players. None of them are going to lay down and play dead just because Tiger is in the field. That’s a new thing.

  3. Allow me to break those down one item at a time:

    1. That would be nice… But I think Tiger will be tough to beat. He had a great fall and needs a win… He needs a major and he always plays well there.

    2. Luke has some talent… He’s just waiting for a major. Only a matter of time.

    3. He is playing good right now. He’s still young too.

    4. I like him… He’s young too. He did handle himself well at Whistling Straights.

    5. No way… He added events to his calendar and is out of time to not win one.

    6. Phil has sort of disappeared. Not sure he will do much this year.

    7. That’s a lot of names to dominate. All great players, but after what Tiger has done it will be hard for anyone to ever truly dominate again.

    8. Duh!

    9. Why do you think that?

    10. The LPGA needs to do something. They are weak, and even Lexi can’t fix that.

    That was fun! Thanks for the list.

  4. On Finchem-  He would also go out with a resurgent Tiger, or at least perceived resurgent, which will mean strong ratings while Tiger is so perceived. 

    he also has Westwood and McIllroy back on the tour this year, which was a source of criticism last year.  They could just as easily ditch next year renewing he whole appearance fee debate-  let someone else handle that.

    I also think that this may be the last year of the FedEx cup in this form- he might want the next commish to handle the changes.

  5. #9 Why do I think Finchem will retire.

    1) He has sewn up a significant, long-term Tour television contract. He definitely won’t be around for the next negotiation.

    2) He will be 65 this year.

    3) There’s nothing left for him to do. The PGA Tour is in arguably the best position of all the professional sports, thanks to his stewardship. No strikes, no lockouts, no insane owners ruining the product via their egos.

  6. All good points. I am curious to see if you’re right… in regards to Tiger, if he wins a major that might be the best time for Tim to step down. You are right about the FedEx too. All valid points guys!


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