Test Driving A Verizon Jetpack

Verizon JetPack 4G photo jetpack_zpsc0018aff.jpgThe kind folk at Verizon sent me one of their 4G JetPack mobile hotspots for a test drive. I’m excited to get the chance to use this, and am pretty sure that it will make me more productive. As the Dad of two active boys, I spend a lot of time sitting and waiting for them to finish various activites around town—scouts, choir, youth groups, etc. Now I can work even when I’m not at GolfBlogger World Headquarters, or at one of my satellite campuses.

I’ll write more later as I experiment with coverage, speed, data usage, etc..

Here’s the jetpack I really want, though:

Rocketeer by Chris Samnee photo rocketeer-samnee_zps1dc93757.jpg

The Rocketeer

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