Testing Sqairz Shoes and XXIO Clubs

Testing Sqairz Shoes and XXIO Clubs

Testing Sqairz Shoes and XXIO Clubs

Now that we’re allowed to play golf again here in Michigan, I’m back in equipment testing mode. I have a bunch of stuff that has been waiting for attention while Michigan has been under stay-at-home orders.

This week, I’m test driving a pair of Sqairz shoes and XXIO Eleven clubs.

On my first couple of rounds with the Sqairz golf shoes, I have found them to be excellent. The square toes serve two functions. First, they make the shoes extraordinarily comfortable. If you haven’t noticed, most people’s feet are squarish at the end, not pointy.

The second advantage of the Sqairz’s square toes is that they serve as alignment tools. It’s pretty easy to see where your body is aligned by looking at the toes of these.

The XXIO Eleven clubs are designed to help golfers increase their clubhead speed with a combination of graphite shaft and back-weighting. The butt end of each club has a combination of brass and rubber weights that are designed to help golfers find the ideal top-of-swing position. A cup face, and double undercut cavity help increase explosiveness.

I’m having a good deal of success with these clubs. The only caveat is that they definitely have a draw bias. I am often ending up significantly to the left of where I have aimed. The distances are great, though.

I’ll have full reviews shortly.

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